VEGA Omnidirectional TV Antenna, Glomex

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VEGA Omnidirectional TV Antenna
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VEGA Omnidirectional TV Antenna, Glomex, w/25dB gain average.  Compact and sleek low profile.  It is made of ASA, can withstand the harsh marine environment and with a totally screened, low noise amplifier built into the antenna case, it ensures that you´ll have the best reception possible for VHF and UHF frequencies, in both analogue and digital channnels.  It is supplied with the power inserter, plastic mount, 10m of low loss coaxial cable (75 ohms) and the 1.5m TV cord.

Antenna Diameter: 100mm
Antenna Height: 210mm
Base Diameter: 25mm
Frequency Range: 40/890 MHz
Gain Average: 25dB
Power Supply: 12V