Parsun 8HP Outboard Engine

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PARSUN’S 4HP outboard

PARSUN’S 4 HP outboard motor is compact with a large handle for easy portability. The innovative CDI system provides trouble-free start-up. On the water, you’ll enjoy low fuel consumption, simple control, limited noise and vibration.

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PARSUN’S 8HP outboard

PARSUN’S 8 HP outboards maybe small in size, but they are big on advanced design ideas, innovative features and big engines performance. Less weight and more compact make this outboard motor easier to carry and transport. High thrust has all the features you are looking for in a tolling or auxiliary power kicker unit. So load up your duck boat or small fishing boat with family, friends, and gear and get out on the water for a day filled with fun and memories.

Main Features

  1. Innovative C.D.I. ignition system for easy start
  2. Twist grip throttle for easy maneuverability and safety
  3. Safety lanyard for emergency shutoff
  4. Thermostat-controlled water cooling system for consistent engine temperature
  5. Heavy duty aluminum propeller
  6. Easily monitored oil level indicator
  7. Vibration reduction system
  8. Shallow water drive
  9. Ultra-low emission: EPA and CE compliant
  10. 12.68 qt. (12 L) separate fuel tank and hose
  11. 12V DC output is optional
Engine type 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, OHC
Displacement 12.75 cu. in. (209 cc)
Bore x Stroke  2.17 in. × 1.73 in. (5.51 cm × 4.39 cm)
Max. output 9.8 hp (7.32 kw) @ 5500 rpm
Ignition system CDI
Starting system Manual/Electric
Steering system Tiller/Remote
Gear shift F – N – R
Gear ratio 2.08 (27/13)
Trim and tilt system Manual/Shallow drive
Max. fuel consumption 2.96 qt./hr. (2.8 L/hr.)
Fuel tank capacity Portable 12.68 qt. (12 L)
Sump oil capacity 0.85 qt. (0.8 L)
Gear oil capacity 19.53 (320 cc)
Dry weight* 83.8 lb. (38 kg)
Recommended transom height 15 in./20 in. (38.1 cm/50.8 cm)
Alternator output** 12V/6 amps/76 watts
Recommended fuel 87% octane/up to 10% ethanol
Recommended engine oil 10W-30 /10W-40

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